Authentic Sanrenmu GJ040Z Key Shaped Multi-purpose Stainless Steel EDC Tool

Friday, April 27, 2007

Now you'll start tying the alternate half-hitches by taking the working ends of the paracord, start with the left piece. Take the left cord under the two center cords and then back thru the loop of the left cord and tighten.

Now take the right side cord going under the two center cords and back thru the right loop and tighten. Again with the left, under the two center cords and back thru the left loop, etc.. continuing alternating the left and right cords.

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Jason said...

Okay - now I am just mad. That is TOO easy! Looks great and thanks again for all the great pictures, instructions, and inspiration. I have been having a LOT of fun learning your stuff.

Now you NEED to do a Monkey Fist tutorial - I am going NUTS - or should I say bannanas - get it monkey... bannanas... ahem...

Thanks again man!